Have an Amazing Holiday

Have an Amazing Holiday


Have amazing holiday

1: Never take your passport out with you as the consequences can be dire if it gets lost. The chances of this happening can become even more significant if you have consumed alcohol. It can cost £150 to get an emergency passport, so use something else if you do need identification.

2: Although constant hedonism and debauchery can be tempting, it’s easy to become dehydrated or start to suffer from sunstroke whilst underneath the Magaluf sun. Drink adequate amounts of water and apply the right protection from the sun’s rays too.

3: Tempting as it might be to drink non-stop, finding yourself in a spot of bother abroad can be much more terrifying abroad than back home. Pace yourself and have the odd night off if you can.

4: Be sensible with money. Don’t take it out with you all at once. It can be a good idea to stash your cash in different places too or only draw as much out from the bank as you’ll need.

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5: Remain vigilant for pickpockets or other criminals. These people can make a living from carelessness in holiday resorts and some of them are even children. Keep your wits about you at all times when it comes to money and your own safety or your holiday could be ruined.